How to use dietary supplements to be effective?

date_range 2022/05/27
How to use dietary supplements to be effective?

Supplementation supports health and beauty - if we use it properly

Dietary supplements are sometimes necessary, but apart from special cases, such as their use for vegans, athletes, pregnant women, sick people or those who suffer from certain deficiencies, their purpose is to support our health and beauty. And they do this effectively, provided that... we use them wisely. How, then?

Taking supplements requires regularity and time in order to see the effects of the treatment. They will not produce effects immediately, just like drugs, although those with ginseng, for example, may quickly give a feeling of "surge of energy". Certain rules will help to increase their effectiveness - and to avoid complications sometimes occurring with their improper use.

Before starting supplementation, it is worth carrying out basic laboratory tests to determine possible deficiencies. This recommendation applies to everyone, not only those beginning supplementation - it is necessary to monitor your health, and testing once a year should be compulsory! Irrespective of the test results, there are substances which are worth supporting regularly.

What supplements should be used?

Vitamin D3

The most commonly supplemented vitamin should be vitamin D3. It can be produced in the organism under the influence of sunlight in the appropriate latitude. However, Poland lies high in the north of the globe, and even in summer the angle of incidence of sun rays is not sufficient to produce the required amount of vitamin D3 in the skin. Therefore, in our part of Europe, scientific circles recommend supplementation with vitamin D3 all year round. Everyone should take it in a safe dose of up to 2000 IU/day. Higher doses can be used, but can only be recommended by doctors. It can be taken solo, but advanced dietary supplements contain it as part of a composition of many synergistically acting ingredients - MyBestPharm laboratory has included it in several of its supplements: MyBestBeauty, MyBest2222 and in the oil formulas MyBestComplement and MyBestProtect. Vitamin D3 belongs to fat-soluble vitamins, so it is essential to take it with a meal, with some fat (it is very well absorbed with oil substances, e.g. with omega-3 acids as in MyBestComplement and MyBestProtect).  Vitamin D3 not only participates in many metabolic processes in the body, but also supports immunity, and beautifies the skin, hair and nails, and even has a slightly photoprotective effect and reduces the risk of many cancers. So it is worth reaching for it also in summer - it will help slow down the destructive ageing processes caused by UV rays.

Vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids

Vegans should regularly take vitamin B12 - it is not found in plant-based products, but is essential for the body, for example for the correct production of red blood cells. Everyone, on the other hand, could use a supplementation of the omega-3 fatty acids mentioned earlier. We usually have a large deficiency of them (not enough fatty fish in the diet), and since they are responsible for many beneficial processes in the nervous system, brain and skin, they have anti-inflammatory properties and prevent heart disease, we should take them regularly regardless of our age. Omega-3, -6 and -9 acids in appropriate proportions can be found in dietary supplements MyBestProtect and MyBestComplement. The source of the omega-3 fatty acids alone in these multi-ingredient oil blends is the original Norwegian cod liver oil.


It is also worth taking probiotics, especially if our diet is poor in vegetables, fibre, pickles and fermented milk products, but abundant in processed food with preservatives, trans fats (chips, crisps, bars, fries) or highly purified. Also if we are after infections, often fall ill, have disrupted bowel movements, abdominal discomfort, flatulence - then properly selected probiotics are necessary. Probiotics have a beneficial effect not only on the health of the intestines, but the whole body, improve immunity, metabolism, and even our intellectual abilities and... mood! (the intestines are lined with millions of nerve cells, which is why they are called 'the second brain').

Specialists also point to the benefits of supplementing with selenium, present in high doses in MyBestSlim and MyBest2222, or magnesium, as well as adaptogens, which increase the body's ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions and stress. Well-known and very effective adaptogens are e.g. ginseng and ashwaganda present in the composition of MyBestDetox or the immunity-supporting preparation MyBest2222 (ginseng).

How do I take the supplements?

It is worth knowing the methods which maximise the bioavailability and effects of supplements. Their effectiveness is determined by how they are taken, how regularly they are taken and how long they are taken - most have a long-term effect. You should read about all this in the leaflet enclosed with each preparation and then follow the manufacturer's recommendations in order to take the appropriate dose for you.

Supplements should usually be taken after meals, because this is when our digestive tract is best prepared to absorb all the important ingredients contained in the supplements. In addition, some substances (such as vitamin D3, A, E and K) are only absorbed in a fatty environment.

In order for supplements to work, they must be taken for at least a few weeks on a regular basis. How not to forget to take them? It is worth storing them in plain sight, e.g. on the kitchen counter (though not in the sun, of course), and some may require refrigeration (e.g. MyBestComplement oils, MyBestProtect and the probiotic MyBestProBIO). It is also worth establishing a fixed time for taking them so that taking them becomes automatic over time. Regularity is a prerequisite for their effectiveness!

When to take the supplements

*Always follow the manufacturer's instructions (keep the leaflets/cardboard boxes as a reminder)

* Most supplements should be taken after meals, unless the manufacturer indicates otherwise (e.g. MyBestSlim 20 minutes before a meal)

* Preparations with ginseng and caffeine are not recommended in the evening, because they have a stimulating effect.

*If you are taking medication, the times you take your supplements should match your medication, not the other way around.

*If you are unsure of the correlation between different supplements and medicines, it is advisable to keep an interval of at least 3 hours between taking different preparations.

*Most supplements are used as an extended treatment of several months. It should not last longer than recommended by the manufacturer, but some supplements can be taken for life as they support health and beauty at any age e.g. MyBestComplement, MyBestBeauty, MyBestProtect, MyBestCollaGEN. Some supplements can be taken together with one meal - e.g. MyBestCollagen and MyBestBeauty.

What to drink with the supplements

* Drink your supplements with water. Do not drink coffee, tea or fruit juices - especially grapefruit juice, which can change the metabolism of the supplements taken and significantly increase or decrease their effect.

*Probiotics such as MyBestProBIO can also be taken on an empty stomach, but with plenty of milk or a fermented milk drink such as yoghurt or kefir, as this will provide a good environment for the multiplication of beneficial bacteria.

Even the best weight loss supplements, such as MyBestSlim and MyBestDetox, will not take care of everything by themselves. We should also give something of ourselves. Let's support them with healthier food and physical activity, accelerating their effects. Therefore, from the first dose it is worth taking more conscious care of yourself and your health - gradual introduction of physical activity, regular meals, limiting sweets and saturated fats, and increasing the supply of vegetables or drinking more water is a good start. Let's eliminate juices from cartons and sweet fizzy drinks altogether. Replace them with green tea, black tea, herbal tea, coffee (with skim milk, no sugar), water, or juices squeezed at home, without added sugar.

Finally, it is worth stressing that the decision to start supplementation has another very beneficial effect - it motivates us to increase conscious care about health, diet, movement, and beauty care. Supplements support us biochemically, but because they require regularity, they encourage a little more effort and attention to ourselves. Because every one healthy, good habit breeds and perpetuates another!

Company for collagen

The directional substances in MyBestCollaGEN not only guide the collagens of as many as three types contained in the supplement to where they need to be, but also promote skin renewal themselves. This is important because even the best collagen is not enough on its own - the skin also needs antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and phytosubstances that have a rejuvenating and strengthening effect on it. Collagen is the building block of the skin, and other important substances ensure that it remains in excellent condition for as long as possible and effectively defends itself against damage caused both by deficiencies and the effects of unfavourable external factors.

Vitality, more efficient autoregeneration processes, resistance to damage and external factors - all these processes are responsible in MyBestCollaGEN for its additional components, i.e.:

vitamins A, C, B2, niacin and biotin, which regulate the skin's self-exfoliation, support collagen and creatine production and have a beneficial effect on the skin and hair;

the minerals zinc and iodine, which reduce irritation and redness and strengthen sensitive skin;

famous antioxidants - curcumin, coenzyme Q10, green tea catechins - fight free radicals and contribute to a significant slowing down of the skin ageing process;

Beautifying plant extracts of liquorice, field horsetail and astaxanthin, an extremely powerful antioxidant from the algae Haematococcus pluvialis (belonging to a special New Food group)

The skin wants to drink

That's not all. MyBestCollaGEN also supports the skin by providing the right level of hydration from within, as it contains a good dose of hyaluronic acid. It binds water in the cells, giving the skin elasticity and smoothness and reducing existing wrinkles. For it to work optimally, you need to take in plenty of fluids. Here we return to the dietary ABC: water, unsweetened green/black tea, vegetables, fruit... With a good supplement, a good menu works even more effectively!