MyBestPharm is a brand that was created out of a fascination with natural medicine and a healthy lifestyle. MyBestPharm products have an innovative, modern composition, combining the latest, advanced production technologies with many years of tradition and experience in the use of substances of natural origin. We select clinically proven, patent-protected ingredients from all over the world. There is strong medical evidence behind the substrates in MyBestPharm products, so there are no random ingredients. Elements enriching the composition of MyBestPharm supplements are substances with scientifically proven beneficial effects on health, appearance and well-being (with health and nutritional claims). MyBestPharm supplements are innovative and unique. For many years we have been working to create products (such as MyBestCollaGEN, MyBestySlim, MyBestBeauty or MyBestDetox) that have no competition in Poland and in the world. Our dietary supplements are an excellent example of combining innovation with tradition. The ingredients in our preparations are carefully selected, and their impact carefully tested and supported by the opinions of the scientific community - we do not experiment with consumers, although the products we provide you with a breath of novelty, freshness, individuality and a new dimension of supplementation. We take care of the high bioavailability of ingredients and their enhanced action, which translates into the effects of supplementation. We carefully select the portions of ingredients and take into account the way in which the individual ingredients interact with each other. Each of our products is a response to the specific needs of our customers. Taking care of your health, beauty and condition is the highest priority of MyBestPharm experts. We care about trust, and in this matter the safety of our clients is the basis.