Strengthen your immunity with MyBest2222

The recipe of 5 natural ingredients to support your immunity

Discover the natural support of the immune system:

  • antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances, including selenium
  • 2000 IU of vitamin D3
  • 222 mg of vitamin C
  • ginseng
  • elderberry flowers
Boosts antiviral immunity
Comprehensive antioxidation (protection of your cells and genetic material)
Eliminates fatigue and increases stress resistance
Causes the milder course of viral and bacterial infections
Recipe prepared by Doctors and Nutrition Specialists
Boosts antiviral immunity
Comprehensive antioxidation (protection of your cells and genetic material)
Eliminates fatigue and increases stress resistance
Causes the milder course of viral and bacterial infections
Recipe prepared by Doctors and Nutrition Specialists

MyBest2222 are vitamins
and natural ingredients:

vitamin D3
elderberry flower
vitamin C
All ingredients help in the proper functioning of the immune system and support the natural immune functions of the body.

MyBest2222 protects against infections, but also supports your body during an infection
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What our clients say
about the effects of MyBest2222:


How many immunity-supporting ingredients are in MyBest2222 ?

The immune product MyBest2222 contains 5 extremely valuable ingredients. Each of them is designed to support immunity. They have been selected and selected in such a way that each mobilizes the immune system in a slightly different mechanism and at different levels, so that the action of the supplement is as broad and complete as possible.

Where does the name MyBest2222 come from?

The composition of MyBest2222 contains a large, but safe dose of vitamin D3 = 2000IU and as much as 222 mg of vitamin C, which is a total of 2222 immune-supporting units. Additionally, the recipe contains 22 mcg of selenium and 100 mg of ginseng and elderflower extracts. Each of them supports immunity in a slightly different way - each of them complements the effects of the others.

Can MyBest2222 be given to children?

The supplement contains only natural, safe, mostly plant-based ingredients, but due to the presence of ginseng (and a high dose of vitamin D3), we recommend giving it to people over 18 years of age. Although there are countries where ginseng is used by younger people and children (e.g. China, Thailand, South Korea, India), we are bound by the guidelines for the European Union, hence the recommendation from the age of 18.

Does MyBest2222 only work against viruses or against bacteria too?

The ingredients of MyBest2222 support the immune system in a very wide range. Their beneficial effect on innate and acquired immunity brings support against both viral and bacterial infections.

Does it make sense to use MyBest2222 longer than in the cold period?

The ingredients of the MyBest2222 recipe bring not only immunity support.
Ginseng adds and helps you cope with stress. And stress and exhaustion often accompany us all the time. In addition, supplementation with vitamin D3 is recommended in Central Europe for a full year, because the angle of sunlight is too sharp in our part of Europe to generate the right amount of vitamin D3 in the skin.

In addition, a solid dose of vitamin C and selenium are antioxidants and have a significant anti-inflammatory effect and reduce the damage caused by free radicals on a daily basis.

So by all means, we recommend using myBest2222 for a full year (with 1-month breaks after every 3 months of use).


Adults: 1 x 1 capsule.
We recommend taking 1 capsule daily with your morning meal
Capsules should be washed down with min. 200 ml of water.
You will get the clearest results after the 2nd month of use.

MyBest2222 (2000 IU D3 + 222 mg of vitamin C) is a dietary supplement, all ingredients of which help in the proper functioning of the immune system and support the natural immune functions of the body:

• Vitamin D3  

• Vitamin C  

• Elderberry flower  

• Selenium  

• Ginseng   

In addition, vitamin C, selenium and elderberry help to protect cells against oxidative stress (neutralizing free radicals), contributing to the protection of our cells and genetic material.

Free radicals damage the genetic material also in the cells of the immune system, weakening our immunity. Selenium, elderberry and vitamin C from MyBest2222 by neutralizing free radicals support our immunity in the fight against viruses and bacteria. Ginseng additionally helps the body to adapt to adverse environmental conditions by eliminating fatigue and increasing stress resistance.

Vitamin D (D3) ) is commonly called the sunshine vitamin because it can be synthesized in human skin under the influence of solar UVB radiation. In addition to the documented effect on the maintenance of normal immunity, it has a beneficial effect on the skeletal system, and also plays an important role in many metabolic processes in the body. Vitamin D3 receptors have been detected in nearly 3,000 places on the human genetic material (genome), which suggests a beneficial effect of vitamin D3 on thousands of metabolic processes.

Ginseng is called the Chinese root of life, it has been used for thousands of years in China and Asia as a universal gift of nature to support immunity, endurance and to strengthen resistance to fatigue and stress. It was successfully used in China by Imperial soldiers to increase their resistance to disease and increase their physical performance during long military expeditions, when they had to travel thousands of kilometers on foot. Years ago, it was such a valuable and valued ingredient that it served as a means of payment in China's transactions with other countries. To this day, Asian countries consume large amounts of ginseng as a means of strengthening physical and mental endurance and preserving immunity.

Elderberry is also called elder. Its numerous beneficial effects on health have been known for centuries. The fruits are navy blue or dark purple. The elderberry flowers, on the other hand, are white and have an intense, mesmerizing fragrance. And it is in these white, stunningly fragrant flowers that the great pro-health power of elderberry is. They contain a huge amount of flavonoids, organic phenolic acids, as well as anthocyanins and tannins. Elderberry has properties that increase the effectiveness of the human immune system. It also has anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, analgesic and antioxidant properties (protects the body against damage caused by free oxygen radicals, as does vitamin C and selenium, also contained in MyBest2222). Thanks to these numerous properties, it is an ideal ingredient in a supplement that increases immunity.

Elderberry has been used since the times of Hippocrates and still, on the basis of scientific research, its wider use in supplementation is being discovered.

MyBest2222 dietary supplement

The content of ingredients in the recommended daily dose:

(1 capsule)
Ginseng extract,
including ginsenosides
100 mg
30 mg
Elderberry flower extract100 mg
Vitamin C222 mg (278% NRV)*
Vitamin D50 μg = 2000 IU (1000% NRV)*
Selen 22 μg (40% NRV)*

Store in a dry place at room temperature in tightly closed containers, out of reach of children. Protect from light and moisture.

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