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MyBestBeauty MyBestCollaGEN

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The FULLY BEAUTY set strongly supports your beauty, combines a solid dose of 3 different types of marine collagens, with anti-aging antioxidants, natural substances and herbs directing valuable ingredients to the skin. The components of the Kit work extremely effectively, complementing and strengthening each other in order to reverse the biological age of the skin, repairing damage caused by ubiquitous free radicals. They smooth the skin, firm it, and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. Additionally, the active substances nourish the hair bulbs, strengthening the hair structure at its root. They activate the bulbs for a more active hair formation process. In addition, they regenerate hair, slow down the graying process, and prevent hair loss. They intensely nourish the hair, especially when it is subjected to frequent dyeing processes. In addition, the components of the Kit regenerate the nail matrix and strengthen them, which makes even nails subjected to hybrid or frequent varnishing treatments become stronger and more nourished.

MyBestBeauty + MyBestCollaGEN

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Beauty in full

MyBestBeauty MyBestCollaGEN
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MyBestBeauty - 3 x 1 capsule after a meal.

MyBestCollaGEN - 2 x 2 capsules after a meal (they can be the same meals as MyBestBeauty).

MyBestBeauty - can be used without interruption if the skin and hair need regular nourishment and hydration from the inside all the time. Special effects when used with MyBestCollaGEN (can be used together for 3 months). Separately, both supplements can be used without restrictions.