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MyBestSlim MyBestCollaGEN

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The SLIM AND SMOOTH set is intended especially for people using MyBestSlim and significantly reducing body weight. Shedding a few (a dozen) kilograms in a short time is usually associated with a significant loss of fat mass, but leaves the skin slightly sagging (the skin cannot shrink). The SLIM AND SMOOTH set, apart from the comprehensive effect on weight reduction, also strongly influences the regeneration, nourishment, strengthening and firmness of the skin.

The use of MyBestCollaGEN (full of strong anti-aging antioxidants) in the set also means that the undesirable skin effects of weight loss disappear faster. The skin regenerates faster. With a slimmer figure, the skin becomes firmer, smoother, wrinkles are smoothed out, and in addition, the valuable components of the set are able to reverse the biological age of the skin and allow you to look SLIM AND SMOOTH.

MyBestSlim + MyBestCollaGEN

This pack contains

Obecnie brak na stanie

Slimming and smoothing

MyBestSlim MyBestCollaGEN

MyBestSlim - 2 x 2 capsules 20 minutes before a meal (any meal) with a full glass of water.

MyBestCollaGEN - 2 x 2 capsules after a meal (they can be the same meals as Slim) - can be used for a long time, without restrictions.

You can use both supplements together without restrictions, only after 6 months you should take a 1-month break in using MyBestSlim, while still using MyBestCollaGEN.