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MyBestSlim MyBest 2222

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SLIMMING & IMMUNE kit is intended for people who, taking care of their regular body weight or wishing to get rid of excess weight (MyBestSlim), additionally want to prepare their immune system and strengthen their immunity during the beginning of the infection season.

During the rapid weight loss process, immunity may be weakened, because along with kilograms of fat tissue, we may also lose elements that strengthen the body.

In the face of the infection season, the ideal solution is a combination of MyBestSlim with MyBest2222.

MyBest2222 is a unique supplement supporting immunity by the forces of nature. It contains only natural ingredients, and each of them has proven effectiveness in strengthening and maintaining resistance to infection.  The basis of MyBest2222 is 2000 IU of vit. D3 + 222 mg of vit. C (hence the name of the preparation). No less important is the immunity-boosting ginseng contained herein, the powerful antioxidant elderberry and the all-rounder selenium. All of these components stand guard over correct immunity.

MyBestSlim + MyBest2222

This pack contains

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Weight loss and immunity

MyBestSlim MyBest 2222

MyBestSlim - 2 x 2 capsules 20 minutes before a meal with a full glass of water.

MyBest2222 - 1 capsule per day, with a morning meal (we do not recommend taking it in the evening as the energy-boosting ginseng may make it difficult to fall asleep).

There are no time limits for taking both supplements together.